Women $31-$46 

Men $19-$28 

Children (12 & under) $16-$25 



Partial Foil $76-$96 

Full Foil $111-$131 

Baylage: $135-$166 

Root Retouch $76-$96 

w/ mini foil $97-$117 

w/ partial foil $1112-$132 

w/full foil $142-$162 

Men’s color $26+ 

Corrective color: Price Upon consultation 

*prices do not include haircut 


Blow-dry $26 + 

Updo $71+ 

Special Occasion Updo $96+


Perm $96+ 

Keratin Blowouts: Priced Upon Consultation


Makeup $46+

Special Occasion Makeup $61+



Eyebrows $16

Lip $11

Chin $11

Face $31




Express Manicure $16 

Shaping of nails, cuticle care, and polish of choice


Manicure $21 

Shaping of nails, cuticle care, massage, and polish of choice


Gel Manicure $31 

A zero dry time, 14-day wear polish this manicure includes shaping of nails, cuticle care, and a hand massage.


Dip Powder Manicure $41 

An alternative to acrylic, also gives you the option to get nail extensions! You can choose from our selection of OPI or GELISH powder!


Add on Services 

Nail Art $2 for one nail $8 for all nails 

French $6 

Paraffin Wax $6 

Nail Extension $11

Nail Art One Nail $3

Nail Art All Nails $9



Express Pedicure $31 

A mini pedicure which includes a foot soak, nail shaping, cuticle care, callus exfoliation, and polish of choice.  

Spa Pedicure $46 

This relaxing pedicure includes a foot soak, cuticle care, nail shaping, Callus exfoliation, a relaxing massage & polish of choice.


Signature Pedicure $61 

Our Signature Jelly Pedicure is a unique treatment that incorporates jelly into a spa pedicure treatment for the ultimate luxurious experience. This includes jelly foot soak, cuticle care, nail shaping, callus exfoliation, paraffin wax , and a relaxing massage finished off with your polish of choice.


Voesh Pedicure $61

A 4-step pedicure (soak, mask, scrub, and lotion) in your choice of scents (lavender, cucumber, oceanfresh, lemon, and pink grapefruit)


Detox Pedicure $61 

This is a charcoal infused pedicure which absorbs impurities, help condition skin, nourishing and moisturizing.  


Dry Heat Infrared Sauna

Learn More about our Infrared Sauna

30-Minute Sessions


Punch Cards

Multi-session punch cards good for one-year use

Six Session ($13/session) $78

Twelve Session ($10/session) $120

Eighteen Session ($8/session) $144

Maximum time 30-minute sessions

Schedule a 30-minute or longer massage and get a 30-minute session in the sauna for $10

(Sauna session must be taken the same day as the massage)


Spa Services


FaceFit 10 Minutes $10 

A quick and effective service featuring our innovative products for flawless skin in a hurry.


Express Facial 30 minutes  $45

Perfect for people on the go! This facial allows us to quickly design an effective skin care solution for you while addressing your top skin concern. 

Add LED light therapy or high frequency for an extra 10 minutes to your facial for $15.

Teen Facial 45 minutes $50 

A great way to introduce proper skin care for young clients! (up to age 17) during this facial, clients will be educated on appropriate skin care techniques to maintain clearer, healthier skin.

Add LED light therapy or high frequency for an extra 10 minutes to your facial for $15. 

Sensitized Facial 60 minutes $75

If you have sensitive, reactive skin, this facial is for you!  Balance your skin's pH, reduce inflammation, and soothe your skin using the UltraCalming line.  You can enjoy a treatment that delicately fortifies the skin's protective barrier without any irritation.

Add LED light therapy or high frequency for an extra 10 minutes to your facial for $15.

Age Smart Facial 60 minutes $75

The Age Smart line is designed to target slowing or impaired biological reactions which contributes to wrinkles, dehydration and altered pigmentation.  This facial will help your skin look smoother, firmer, brighter and healthier!

Add LED light therapy or high frequency for an extra 10 minutes to your facial for $15.

Active Clearing Facial 60 minutes $75

An in-depth cleansing to purify and heal congested skin with Active Clearing products.  Reduce active acne, inflammation, congestion and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  this facial will help treat the discomfort of acne and keep your oil production under control.

Add LED light therapy or high frequency for an extra 10 minutes to your facial for $15.

Customized Facial 60 minutes $75

This treatment is perfect for clients who want a comprehensive, customized experience.  It addresses your skin concerns and creates a full sensational experience, leaving you with the signature Dermalogica glow.

Add LED light therapy or high frequency for an extra 10 minutes to your facial for $15.

Mask’ne Facial 60 min $75

The Mask’ne Facial is specifically designed to help nourish & protect the skin from the wear & tear of wearing a face mask. If you’re a frontline worker who's been wearing a mask every day for months, or someone experiencing new breakouts from wearing a mask all

day, this is the service for YOU! Finished off with ten minutes of blue LED light Therapy.

Aromatherapy & Lymphatic Drainage Detox 75 Minutes $90

Relax and unwind during this holistic healing treatment to improve the health of your mind, body and spirit.  Along with a form of gentle massage that encourages the movement of lymph fluids to help remove waste and toxins from bodily tissues.

BT Micro Facial 60 Minutes $85

the ultimate exfoliating and decongesting oof the pores, facial.  BT-Micro ultrasonic exfoliation works by creating high speed oscillations, leaving skin smooth, fresh and perfectly prepared for product application.

Back Facial 60 minutes $80

A relaxing facial for your back! If you are struggling with backbone, or treating yourself to relaxation, this service is for you!

Add LED light therapy or high frequency for and extra 10 minutes to your back facial for $15.

High-Frequency Anti-Aging or Acne Treatment 20 minutes $25

The use of and electric current to deeply penetrate treatment products.  This treatment prevents bacteria from developing under the surface of the skin to heal blemishes, as well as balance the skin's hydration and collagen levels to reduce the look of fine-lines and wrinkles.


Chemical Peels 

Chemical Peel

Salicylic Acid, alpha & beta hydroxy acids/ lactic acids are used to remove dead skin cells, resulting in smoother, firmer, brighter skin and a blended skin tone. This treatment is a safe approach to addressing fine lines, hyper-pigmentation and sun damage.

For best results, a series of 3-6 half-hour treatments are recommended.

All clients are sent home with an after-care sample kit, home care is recommended for longer lasting results.

Buy a series of 6 treatments, get one free.

ProPeel 30 Minutes $115

ProPeel 60 Minutes $230 includes full facial and peel

Back ProPeel 30 Minutes $95 

LED Photo-Pulsation Facials 

Revitalight LED Skin Care System uses photo pulsation technology, allowing clients to have an effective and safe, non-invasive cosmetic skin care regimen.

LED is non-invasive, painless and requires no recovery time.  This light is good for all skin types and is engineered to emit a soothing gentle warmth.

Blue Light- Used to treat acne.  Increase skin hydration, photosensitizes porphyries to create oxygen which kills acne bacteria, all while slowing down sebaceous gland activity.

Red Light- Used to treat fine lines and wrinkles.  Increases blood and lymph circulation, increases collagen synthesis and healing, supports firming and toning.

Add on to any facial $15


Stand Alone

20 Minutes $30 

30 Minutes $45 


Eyebrows $18

Lip/Chin $12

Lip and Brow $30

Lip, Brow and Chin $40

Underarm $20

Half Arm $30

Whole Arm $45

Half Leg $35

Full Leg $70

Bikini $40

Back $45

Brazilian $55



Lash Tint $20

Brow Tint $15

Lash & Brow Tint $38

Brow Tint & Wax $33

Eyelash/Brow Tint & Wax $48



Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a relaxing massage with some deep breathing to help the mind,

body and soul go into total relaxation. It is the perfect massage for those who don’t like

deep tissue. Perfect for people with inflammatory diseases, the elderly, fibromyalgia,

and many forms of arthritis. This massage also brings fresh blood to areas in need.


30 minute $52

60 minute $85

90 minute $118

Therapeutic Massage

Deep tissue massage is a massage that gets into the deeper layers of the muscles and

other soft tissues. It will release trigger points, help with mental clarity, improve joint pain

with the release of tight muscles and help with constipation etc.

30 minutes $52

60 minutes $85

90 minutes $118

Cupping Massage

#1 Most requested massage

Cupping is an ancient Chinese form of natural medicine. It helps bring fresh blood flow

to the area which helps in the healing process. The purpose is to pull out impurities

such as scar tissue, inflammation, improve cellulite and decrease pain; All of which is

flushed out of the body through the lymphatic system.

30 minutes $62

60 minutes $95

90 minutes $124

Hot Stone Massage

A nice, relaxing massage that utilizes hot stones to release tension and warm the body.

It will help reduce pain, stress, anxiety, and improve sleep and many other ailments. It is

great for people with arthritis and fibromyalgia, and helps to boost immunity.

60 minutes $95

90 minutes $124

Ginger Bliss

A relaxing massage that focuses on the hands, feet, and neck that can be done fully clothed. This service begins with a Ginger salt scrub of the aching feet, removing some of the dry skin. Warm towels are used to remove the salt scrub, followed by a Ginger body butter to massage aching feet and calves. Heated booties are added on the feet before moving onto the neck and scalp. We will end this blissful session with a scrub and massage of the hands and add Ginger bliss body butter for extra softness. Perfect for warmth and relaxation of the mind and soul.

60 minutes $60

Pre Natal

A special massage designed to adapt to the anatomical changes that occur throughout

pregnancy. This aims to reduce swelling, increase energy, relieve discomfort during the

massage and give the mom-to-be a relaxing experiance.

75 minutes $115

Ear Coning

A relaxing, non-invasive procedure for removing excess wax and toxins from your ears and eustachian tubes. During this treatment, a hollow candle is placed in the ear canal. Then, the wick is lit and the candle is allowed to burn. After the procedure is over, the fabric candle is removed and you will be able to see all of the ear wax, debris, anad bacteria that was removed. Ear candling has been known to help with headaches, sinus infections, and improve hearing.

30 - 40 minutes $53

Add Ons

Foot or back scrub $20

Exfoliate the back or feet as an added treat with your massage. The

exfoliation will take off the dead skin and add moisture. The scrub is removed

with hot towels for added relaxation. A variety of scents are available in a sugar

or salt scrub.

Add CBD Oil to any massage $10

Add Cupping to any massage $10



Princess Package $48

Looking to treat your little princess? For kids 12 and under, this package includes a mini

manicure and pedicure, as well as a wash and blowdry. They can finish their little spa day offwith curls or braids, and some fun sparkle spray.

Sweet Serenity $178

This relaxing package includes a soothing 60 minute massage, and time to use our infrared dry heat sauna.  You will then have your nails done with a manicure, and a signature pedicure, and get to finish the day with having your hair washed and styled.

Peace & Tranquility $394.85 (includes 20% gratuity)

Looking to have a relaxing spa day?  Look no further.  With this package you get treated to a 60 minute massage and a custom Facial,  After that you will be able to spend some time in an infrared heat sauna.  You will then receive a shellac manicure and a signature pedicure, as well as have your hair washed and styled, and have your makeup done.  We will provide fresh fruit for you to snack on during the day.

Mini Spa Day $128

A good way to treat yourself.  This package includes an Express Facial, time in our infrared dry heat sauna, a manicure and express pedicure, and having your hair washed and styled.

Mommy to Be $187

This package is for future mothers to have a small, relaxing spa day.  With this package, you will receive a 75 minute prenatal massage.  You will then be given a spa pedicure, and finish the day off with a wash and style.  During this we will provide you fresh fruit to snack on.

*Shellac Manicure can be substituted for an extra cost